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Organized and hard-working professional, with a Bachelors in Journalism and Communications studies.


Over five years of background in Communication in Brazil, and nearly four years of experience in Ireland with Localisation, Content Reviewing and Quality Assurance for the Technology sector and the fast-paced Video Game industry.


Excellent initiative, analytical, problem-solving, and project/team management skills, with outstanding attention to detail and skilful when working under pressure to meet the tight deadlines of each assigned project.

  • Portuguese - Native

  • English - Fluent

Keywords Studios
Localisation QA Test Lead
Dublin, Ireland



After working as an Associate Test Lead for 9 months on my previous contract, I was officially promoted to Test Lead this year, carrying forward with my responsibilities:


  • Providing daily leadership, knowledge sharing, delegation, supervision, and support to the team

  • Encouraging team’s cooperation and development through critical and creative thinking

  • Creating and maintaining testing plan and test cases

  • Performing track of progress, bug vetting, query handling, and resolving questions

  • Ensuring work is completed in accordance with project deadlines

  • Establishing clear and effective working relationships and communication channels with clients, writing daily reports and participating in regular meetings

  • Performing employee on boarding and mentoring newcomers

  • Coaching and training of all team members, as well as providing reviews based on their performance

  • Suggesting process improvements and delivering project closure to clients

Keywords Studios
Senior Localisation QA Tester
Dublin, Ireland

JUN 2017 - FEB 2020

My role at this company was to perform Quality Assurance testing for Brazilian Localisation. Part of an in-house team, my responsibilities also included:

  • Analysing and validating in-game texts for grammar, syntax and spelling, providing in-house translations

  • Guaranteeing proper localisation and compliance to all content with official terminologies on a variety of different platforms, such as video game consoles, mobile apps, and websites

  • Identifying and reporting mismatches in strings/text

  • Providing context for foreign language defects and the correct translation, and where applicable fix directly via text database

  • Completing daily smoke tests and running through the games to check the stability of a build

  • Identifying defects, following test plans, and verifying fixes

  • Entering clear and concise bugs into bug tracking database

  • Testing fixes e reproducing issues for programmers and developers

  • Supporting the team lead with management duties by taking ownership of side tasks, such as daily reports and bug vetting

  • Coaching and supervising new team members as requested

  • Working closely with the HR department as a Brazilian specialist, correcting tests of new applicants

Major accomplishments:

  • Received four promotions since joining the company due to the quality of work delivered: from Recruit Tester, I was raised straight to Level 2 (skipping Level 1 due to my great performance), followed by Level 3, Expert and Senior

  • Earned ongoing recognition from management for excellent problem solving, analytical, and time management skills, as well as for being a reference for other testers

  • Invited to work as Associate Lead to gather in-house Lead experience / working hours to meet the criteria for a Lead promotion

Giusti Communication
Public Relations Account Manager 
São Paulo, Brazil

JUN 2011 - JAN 2015


Manager in a Public Relations sector within a large communications agency, responsible for overseeing the needs of five companies. My responsibilities included:

  • Overseeing and delivering demonstrable and consistent outcomes for clients, meeting and exceeding briefs and expectations

  • Managing client relationships, developing campaigns across all channels

  • Setting and implementing effective PR strategies/plans for clients

  • Pitching and placing stories with key media including writing all press material, presenter notes for broadcast interviews, and client fact sheets

  • Developing new business proposals and identifying new opportunities for existing and future clients

  • Working with clients to understand their culture and position PR at the centre of their operations

  • Demonstrating media influence, underpinned by active relationships with business, food/consumer, features and news media

  • Carrying employee on boarding processes, assisting new additions to the team individually and delivering monthly feedback to upper management

Major accomplishments:

Entrusted to be solo in charge of 3corações (second largest coffee company in Brazil) and SBF Group (holder of Centauro, By Tennis and Nike in Brazil)

Promoted four times during the time with the company.


Itanhaém City Council
Press Officer / Digital Media Analyst
Itanhaém, Brazil

APR 2011 - JUN 2011


Press Officer and Digital Media Analyst for Rogelio Salceda, city councilman in Itanhaém (Brazil). While advising the councilman, my duties also included:

  • Providing actionable social media analysis of campaigns and daily content

  • Developing social media audits that outline competitive brands, emerging trends, and latest measurement technologies

  • Analysing and interpreting data from social media to ensure we were up to date on new analytics tools, platforms and emerging social channels

  • Researching, writing, and editing engaging and grammatically correct copy for thought leadership and demand generation, including reports, infographics, scripts, print, web, and other marketing needs

  • Updating and managing website content, and creating/editing copy for new pages on the site

  • Creating campaign assets including emails, landing pages and ads for each asset created by Content Marketing, Partner Marketing and Analyst Marketing


Major accomplishments:

Achieved increase of 90% in the visitor traffic of councilman's blog/social media, due to production of news, event coverage and personal monitoring of works and requests from citizens.


A Tribuna Journal
Online Journalism Intern
Santos, Brazil

OCT 2009 - DEC 2010


Journalism intern of Jornal A Tribuna's newspaper and website, part of the team in Port & Sea’s editorial. Responsible for writing news about the Port of Santos (Latin America’s largest port), foreign trade, cruise seasons and events in the open sea - such as actions of the Navy, piracy attacks abroad and cargo theft.


Catholic University of Santos
Online Journalism Intern
Santos, Brazil

JUL 2009 - NOV 2009


Part of the University website's content team, as writer and image editor. Responsible for articles and news about the university and its community, as well as performing clerical duties, such as creating PowerPoint presentations, drafting reports, designing creatives, researching trends and managing social media.

  • Writing proficiency in both languages

  • Adaptability

  • Decision Making

  • Problem-solving

  • Keen eye for detail 

  • Leadership

  • Teamwork

  • Effective communication

  • Ability to work under pressure

  • Wordpress / Blogger

  • Microsoft Office programs

  • Adobe (Pagemaker, InDesign and Photoshop)

  • Confluence

  • Sharepoint

  • DevTrack

  • Bonsai

  • Jira

  • TestRail

  • Agile Scrum

  • MemoQ

  • Smartcat

  • CafeTran Espresso

Extracurricular activities
  • Online course "Swift 5: Essential Training" (2021)

  • Online course "Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Machine Learning" (2021)

  • Online course "Programming Foundations: Software Testing/QA" (2021)

  • Online course "Software Testing Foundations: Test Planning" (2021)

  • Online Course "The Complete Agile Scrum Fundamentals Course" (2021)

  • Online Course "Techniques of Storytelling and Narrative for Games" (2020)

  • Online Course "Introduction to Digital Games Translation" (2018)

  • Lecture "The Contemporary Marketing Professional" (2014)

  • Workshop "Innovation and Marketing in the Digital World" (2013)

  • Open Course "Advertising Copywriting" (2012)

  • Extension Course "Journalism 2.0 Social and Hypermedia" (2010)

  • “First week survivor - Ireland
    A volunteer project of my own carried at weekends, created to welcome new Brazilian students in Dublin. The aim of the project is to share the basic knowledge to led them through their first week in an English speaking country (eg. GNIB and visa, new sim card, supermarkets, Euro shops, Brazilian shops, pharmacies and medicine on the counter, etc).

Catholic University of Santos (Santos, Brazil)
FEB 2007 - DEC 2010

Graduated in Social Communication, Bachelor of Journalism


The University's Journalism course is among the best ones in the country, known to graduate students with a critical view, independence and able to contribute to the betterment of society. During the course, we learn all the aspects of social communication and journalism, getting knowledge and experiencing the routine in editorial offices of newspapers and magazines, radio stations and TV, news sites, press office of public and private companies and business communication.


ECM College / The English Studio (Dublin, Ireland)
FEB 2015 - DEC 2015

Certificated in General English - Advanced Level


NED Training Centre (Dublin, Ireland)
MAR 2016 - AUG 2016

Certificated in General English - Advanced Level

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