Hi there! My name is Agatha Abreu. I am half Brazilian and half Portuguese, and I currently live in Dublin - the heart of the rainy (but lovely) Ireland. I consider myself part of the Y generation: gamer, online since always and constantly taking pictures (my phone is my best friend). During my childhood, I always stood out because of my writing, drawings and talkative manner (heritage from my happy and noisy family I guess). Years later, I put everything in a blender and decided to study Social Communication – Bachelor in Journalism, at the Catholic University of Santos.


In Brazil, my experience started during college, when my grades in the discipline of New Technologies brought me an invite to be part of the University's website team; responsible for content and illustration. Next, I integrated the online crew of A Tribuna Journal (the main newspaper/portal of Santos and the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo's coast). After having finished my studies, I also worked as Digital Media Analyst in Itanhaém City Council and as a freelance content writer for a few websites and blogs.


In 2011, I passed the selection to work for Giusti Comunicação, a Public Relations company in the capital of São Paulo. There, I was promoted four times in three years, achieving the position of Manager and being responsible for a set of five companies – including Tecnisa (recognized by Google as the company in the Real Estate segment that has the best practices in sponsored links in the world), 3corações Group (the second largest coffee company in Brazil) and SBF Group (holder of Centauro, By Tennis and Nike Store in Brazil).

At this point, my knowledge baggage was heavy and I had learnt a lot during those years, but to go further I knew that English was a must. So I had to make the biggest decision of my life: pack my bags, leave everything behind and go to Ireland searching for new experiences. And that was my best idea of all times, my friends. Learning English not only expanded my vision about writing, but also about language in general. I started to welcome new students in the country, assist friends with the Portuguese-English transition, help people with translation and even being an interpreter when needed. My passion for linguistics got bigger and a new path within communication started to be built for me.


I began to work as Content Reviewer/Writer, gaining more experience in the area, and now I have the opportunity to use my language and tech skills together with my hobbies, working as a Video Games Localization Quality Assurance Tester at Keywords Studios. Remember when I said above that coming to Ireland was my best idea of all times? Well, I play video games as my official job now. So make of that what you wish :)


Blog about life and relationship


Blog about places I've been to (construction in progress)

  1. I am one of the main characters of a policial fiction story, currently with its second book among the best sellers on Amazon in Brazil

  2. I won the first place at two different poems competitions

  3. I wrote four love songs

  4. I get goosebumps when I listen to music

  5. I love pizza more than any other food in the world

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